I hired the right person. Having at our side a lawyer serious, competent and that charges reasonable fees make much difference to who is seeking the adjust of status with the U.S. immigration authorities. I say this with knowledge of cause. I know there are millions of people in the United States who want to adjust their status. I know many of them do not know how to fill an appropriate form that mountain, do not know the basic details of the immigration law and think that hiring an attorney will cost something absurdly expensive. But sometimes it is not. Just find and hire the right professional. I would like to share with you the name and address of an excellent lawyer who I met in Phoenix, Arizona. His work as a lawyer resulted simply in my happiness and of my husband too. The result his work brought back to us hope and peace of mind. His magnificent work was crucial to the success of our case in such a short space of time. It is true. In the short space of time. He was everything that my husband and I expected of a lawyer's time that we needed: serious, honest, committed, loyal, friend and more than that with charges fees not very expensive. For you have an idea, I will tell about my case specifically. I tried to adjust my status, as the wife of an American citizen, in January 2008. Unfortunately, in July 2008, my application for permanent residence was denied and our case was closed and terminated. My husband and I just came to know about that denial more than six months later, more precisely on 12 February, 2009. My husband and I talked and we concluded that was the time to hire a lawyer to solve our problem. We found the attorney Matthew C. Thomas months later and on July 2 this year, 2009, he sent to Department of Homeland Security my request adjustment of status. I thought that would have head a long wait until the final conclusion of my case but I was wrong. To my surprise everything happened very fast. Just within two months, I did my fingerprint, I got my Employment Authorization Document (EAD), I received my Employment Authorization card and at last the interview the couple, that happened on the morning of September 23, 2009, during which my application for permanent residence was approved. Since then I felt me another person. I am very, very happy, because to continue living with my husband is one of the most important things of my life. I am very grateful to Mathew Thomas because he offered us a wonderful service and specially for doing is worth every cent of dollars that we pay their fees. Likewise as it is important to divide bread with who is hungry, donate a blanket for those who are cold, to divide a true and accurate information also has its value and that is it what I am doing now. Dividing with you the information that there is an excellent immigration lawyer in Phoenix that can help you in your case and give you back the joy and peace of mind you deserve. Very Good luck!