Immigration Law and Criminal Defense

Because of the complexity of immigration law it is often difficult for laypersons to determine eligibility for certain immigration benefits or what might be best for their particular situation. For example, one type of status might be faster to obtain but might prevent you from bringing relatives.

Thomas Law Firm, PLC can actually save you time and money by looking at your needs and ensuring your chosen immigration status is right for your situation. A lawyer can also make sure your application is as complete and thorough as possible. Incomplete or erroneous applications may result in untimely delays, rejections or even being permanently barred from the United States.

Immigration law is very sensitive, complex and constantly changing. If handled improperly, your case could be denied and you could risk being placed in removal proceedings or being permanently barred from the United States.

Our law firm will assist you in a professional and orderly manner to supply exactly the information expected by the relevant agencies and authorities. We assist you to prepare and submit your application forms and ensuring that they have been filled out correctly. Thomas Law Firm, PLC will draft the written, legal submissions, which accompany your application package to argue why you should be approved for your benefit. Our law firm will also ensure that your supporting documentation complies with the government’s standards to ensure that your application is processed without delays.

We reduce your risks and save you time and money by getting it right the first time.

There are many reasons. Here are a few

Customer Service: Our firm is very focused on providing personalized customer service. We treat many of our clients like family and do our best to ensure that everyone who hires us is satisfied with our services

Availability/Accessibility: If you have any questions or concerns, you can call or email and we assure that we will return your query within 24 hours. Our clients love this feature and appreciate that their questions are answered promptly

Reasonable fees: Our legal fees are very reasonable compared to other law firms. We believe that it is important for clients to feel they received value for their money. Value comes from getting results at a fair rate

Yes. Depending on the length and complexity of your case, we generally would expect only a percentage of your total legal fee to start your application and will collect the remaining balance through the course of your case.

No. No lawyer can make this type of guarantee. However, we have a very high rate of success with our applications.